Mother Of The Bride & Groom

Lizabella is a stunning new fashion brand which is now available to the public via The Queen B Boutique. The label is comprised of Mother of the Bride & Groom outfits, guest of wedding outfits with some great day pieces.

The focus on the brand is to produce flattering shapes while using high-end quality fabrics to keep on trend.

The Lizabella lady is stylish and sophisticated and is looking for a flattering versatile piece that is perfect for that special occasion.

SS19 Collection

Dress: L-19SS-2853-07

Dress: L-19SS-2853-07

Complete with jacket: L-19SS-1257-07

Dress: L-19SS-2852-07

Dress: L-19SS-2847-08

Dress: L-19SS-2847-08

Complete with jacket: L-19SS-1255-08

Dress & cropped jacket set : L-19SS-7017-08


Dress: L-19SS-2837-30

Dress: L-19SS-2837-30

Complete with jacket: L-19SS-1243-30

Dress: L-19SS-2836-05

Dress: L-19SS-2831-19

Jumpsuit & jacket set: L-19SS-7011-20


Dress: L-19SS-2838-01

Complete with jacket: L-19SS-6114-19

Dress: L-19SS-2851-18

Dress: L-19SS-2851-18

Complete with jacket: L-19SS-6117-18

Dress: L-19SS-2882-33

Dress and cropped jacket set: L-19SS-7004-01

AW18 Collection