Jolaby was created to provide women with unique garments that they could make their own, feeling truly glamorous and beautiful. Jolaby is a look, and the fashion brand has been molded to provide unique designer dresses with a signature style.

With each and every piece designed and made in England, they are a leading fashion provider of unique wedding dresses. All of their garments are created with great attention to detail and use the highest quality materials.

The Jolaby designs feature an iconic style, using draping and layering to create garments that are truly unique and eye-catching. Designed specifically to flatter the female form, each piece is in an unusual one size dress style, which ensures the garment fits and is flattering for years to come, no matter the changes to the body.

The Jolaby dresses make ideal unique wedding guest dresses, as well as unique dresses for the races UK. The collections include off the shoulder dresses, unique party dresses, and unique designer dresses.

SS19 Collection

SS18 Collection