Beach & Abroad

Have you been invited to wedding abroad?

This look is a little more relaxed, but by all means dress to impress!

The Queen B have the perfect selection of dresses for that warmer weather, while keeping you the most stylish guest on the beach.

Opt for bold patterns or pretty jewel tones, and keep you footwear in mind as you may be slipping out of your heels and into your sandals.

Michaela Louisa: 8856

 Michaela Louisa -  8854

Michaela Louisa: 8820

Michaela Louisa: Dress 8877 / Jacket 8815

Michaela Louisa: 8876

Michaela Louisa: 8831

Frank Lyman: 198266

Frank Lyman: 198040

Frank Lyman - 98187

Frank Lyman - 198291

Joseph Ribkoff: 191696

Joseph Ribkoff: 191027

Ella Boo: E-19SS-2688-33

Ella Boo: E-19SS-2689-46

Ella Boo: E-19SS-2745-43

Ella Boo: E-19SS-2763-54

Carla Ruiz: 95442

Carla Ruiz: 95701

Carla Ruiz: 95509

Carla Ruiz: 95716

Occasions: VO3768

Occasions: VO3767

Ella Boo: E-19SS-2668-05

Lizabella - L-19SS-2882-33